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Thank you again for the opportunity to be on your great show. You are a super host and it was such a pleasure to speak with you. I think we are definitely on the same page on most every issue. I am grateful for your dedication to the principles of freedom and liberty. God bless you and your fellow patriots.
    Karen Johnson,
          former Arizona State Senator


Having read your first book, all you now say rings true.

It's a sad day, seeing that all Americans trying to live decent, responsible lives are held in contempt by our so-called public servants. I would think the Founders are rolling in their graves. I often wonder, if a poll was taken - would more Americans support Real America or would they support those who hold them in contempt?

Your program is THE BEST of all sensible patriot shows I've ever heard; in fact, I've kept radio recordings from way back. Hope you hang in there.

It's pretty easy to get beat down in today's cold world, but those two hours put life right back into us. If I don't have something real to believe in, I feel like I don't even exist.

Thomas from Indiana


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I am looking forward to the return of The Global Freedom Report. I like the new 3 hour weekly format. Some people may have more enthusiasm because the longer show. This is the best news I have heard for a while. Talking over the airways, hearing the opinions of others, and finding solutions is exactly what The Global Freedom Report does; it makes us think. Everyone may not always agree but we think things through. You make events known to everyone. Thanks for bringing back the show.

Craig S. Anderson
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